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New to the district? Moving out of the district?*

Life is full of changes.  Please let us know if you are moving into or out of the district as soon as possible so we can get your child/ren ready for school and make the transition as smooth as possible.
If you are leaving our school, we will surely miss you and your children as we feel Bristol families are what makes our school so special.  We wish you safe travels wherever the road may take you.  Please remember us as you begin your new journey.  Be sure to collect all your belongings before you go, clean out your locker and leave contact information in the main office if you wish.
If you are new to Bristol, we would like to be the first to welcome you.  We are a single, K-8 district in southeastern Wisconsin.  Student registration takes place in August but if you have moved into the district once the school year has begun, we would be happy to assist you in the registration process.  More information about the school is available under the Our District tab on the History page.
Additional information, including registration packets, is available under General Info\Student RegistrationAt this time it is not possible to register students completely online but some of the registration contents are available from the link on the left in the event that families want to complete them at home, print, and return them to school during registration.

If you would like a tour of the school or wish to register your child/ren, please call the main office at 262-857-2334 in advance if at all possible to schedule an appointment prior to bringing your children to school.  We want to make you feel at home right away and take the time to get to know you so advance notice will allow us to schedule an appropriate time for your visit.