Bristol School District #1

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School Closings

For school closing information, please listen to WLIP 1050 AM on your radio, watch channels 4 or 6 on your TV, or check school closing information at the links below.

TMJ4 - This link will take you directly to the Closing / Delay page.  Click on "Kenosha County" for information about Bristol School.

Fox 6 - Once at the Fox 6 home page, click on "Weather" on the left hand side, then click on "Weather Closings" at the bottom of the menu.

What about Recess?

To determine if there will be recess, Bristol School uses the following guidelines: 

Below 0º F
Children remain indoors
0º to 9º F
Children will have a shortened recess.
10º F and above
Children will have a full recess.

Check the weather

Last Modified on April 16, 2013