Bristol School District #1

Growing • Learning • Succeeding


In 2013, the Board of Education along with District personnel executed the planning stages for a five-year strategic plan. Within and as part of that strategic plan, the board charged the District with implementation of three initiatives that came out of the planning sessions. These initiatives are important for cohesive continuation of current District initiatives to ensure the District is well-positioned for growth in the coming years.

The three initiatives are as follows:
1.)   Focus on Quality Improvement
       a.  Standardized Testing
       b.  MAP Scores
       c.  Other
2.)   STEAM
3.)   Community Involvement and Communication

The discussion of these outcomes also included assessing quality improvement initiatives that encompass the overall administrative areas of responsibility such as school grounds, vendor management, vendor resources, and parental communication and involvement.

A team of individuals was assigned to each of the three initiatives and worked over a series of months to create a plan of action for the District. This team also determined that the current ‘tagline’ for the District does not properly reflect the District’s final vision statement. The planning team recommends: “Making a difference—one child at a time” as the new tagline for the District.


Last Modified on October 9, 2015