Bristol School District #1

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The History of Bristol School:
The present Bristol Consolidated School District is a cornerstone of the community’s interest in providing a sound education for its children.

Historical tracing of education in this district goes back to the middle 1800’s when there were seven districts in the township of Bristol.

These districts consisted of Bristol, Hazel Dell, Maple Ridge, Pikeville, South Bristol, Walker and Woodworth.

As the years advanced and better methods of transportation were developed, the Maple Ridge and Walker districts united with the Woodworth District to create what was known as Jt. District No. 5, Towns of Bristol and Pleasant Prairie (Woodworth).

In the spring of 1963, North and South Bristol districts and Pikeville consolidated creating District No. 7, Town of Bristol (Bristol Consolidated). The district began operating as a new district in July of 1963.

During the 1964-65 school year, action within the district again took place. Agreement was reached through consolidation that dissolved the Woodworth and Hazel Dell districts. All areas of the two districts in the town of Bristol joined Bristol Consolidated District No. 1. This order became effective July 1, 1965.

At the time of the dedication, 427 pupils were registered. Since 1968 demands of society and changed laws again created a need for additional school building needs. Demands for library and physical education space, as well as provisions for children needing special education at all grade levels caused the district to again build.

With the immigration of families from the cities to rural areas, the district again saw its enrollment increase significantly. In 1977, the population of Bristol, recognizing the need for expansion, passed a bond measure authorizing the construction of the newly completed addition to the Bristol School.

The completed 22,000 square foot addition was comprised of twelve rooms. It boasted a library designed with steps downward forming a “pit” area for audio-visual aids plus a library storage room. Riley Construction Company of Kenosha constructed the addition at a cost of $67,000.00. Derald West Design Group of Lake Geneva executed planning and designing of the building.

On December 3, 1978, the school addition was officially dedicated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Sixty-sixth district assemblywoman and former Bristol schoolteacher, Mary Wagner, cut the ribbon officially signaling the opening of the new rooms.

During the 1989-90 school year, a building utilization committee was formed, consisting of board members, teachers and administration. A yearlong study of the physical needs of Bristol School found that a larger band area was needed, as well as a great need for extra storage space. Therefore, in 1990 a portable classroom used for band facilities was added to the school. This allowed band to be pulled from the cafeteria area to a more private classroom.

In the summer of 1992, the need for additional storage space became relevant and a 25’x45’ addition to the south end of the gym was constructed by contractors Camosy Incorporated.

The Building Utilization Committee met in January of 1994 to consider and discuss additional building needs of Bristol School. It was realized with the growth of development in the neighboring community, that Bristol School would need to expand to accommodate all of the new students that were entering our district. Wm. R. Henry Associates Architectural and Engineering Services were hired to draw out possible layouts of how the new addition might be built. The plans were brought forth to the public to view and decide about a 3.9 million-dollar addition to Bristol School. On September 27, 1994 Bristol taxpayers went to the poll and voted in favor of the 59,000 square foot addition. Construction of the new addition consisting of additional classrooms, a new library, gymnasium and music rooms would take place east of the existing school.

Construction of the new addition consisting of 17 new classrooms, new art, music and band departmenta, a larger gymnasium and additional offices was started in August of 1995 with completion to be done around late May of 1996. On March 26, 1996, the library of our new addition was dedicated in honor of Edward Becker for his twenty years of dedicated service on the Bristol School Board. Our new library is equipped to allow students to use the on-line catalog to seek information.

Students entering the building on their first day of school, August 27, 1996 were in awe of the new addition. Fifth through eighth grade students are located in the new wing, along with the art, music and band departments. The Administrator, bookkeeper, and secretary staffs are located in the new office area.

Overall, Bristol School continues to grow and meet the demands of students and the community. At present, we have an enrollment of 666 students. With the dedication and commitment of both the school and community, Bristol School strives to meet the educational needs of the twenty-first century.
Last Modified on April 16, 2013