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Building UseForms are located on a number of pages withing the school website for a variety of reasons.  Please read the information below to help you find the correct forms location.
Forms specific to Bristol School:
  1. Board of Education forms, policies, and guidelines are available on the Board of Education policies page.  Click on policies and then FORMS from the navigation bar on the left.  
  2. Bristol School Recognition Program-forms available under the Board of Education Tab.
  3. Bristol Bucks Volunteer Sign Up-Duties consist of coming to school for approximately two hours (11:00 AM – 1:00 PM) once or twice every other month. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Building Use-form (.pdf.docx).  Forms may be faxed or dropped off at school.  Do not send forms via email.  When a request has been approved, the contact person will be notified.  A request is not considered approved until the contact person receives a confirmation from Bristol School.
  5. Employment Application-form available on the Employment page.
  6. E-readers student forms-form available on the Registration Packet page.
  7. Google Parent Letter and Signature Form-form available on the Registration Packet page.
  8. Medication Form-form available on the Registration Packet page.
  9. Nook Permission Form 
  10. Official notifications or annual notifications are listed under the Board of Education tab.
  11. Registration forms for students in grades 4K-8 are available under Student Registration which is located on the General Info tab. 
No surveys are active at this time for parents.
Last Modified on December 10, 2015