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updated 1/2/2017

Q: What is the guest network’s purpose? 
A: The Bristol School District Guest (BSD-GUEST) Network is for Internet access for guests and visitors. A visitor may use the guest network for legal, non-commercial purposes, and when there is a legitimate need for temporary access. Use will be in accordance with all school policies and state and federal rules and regulations. 

Q: Is this the same network students use during the school day during class? 
A: No, these are two different networks. District devices access the district’s network. Non-district devices access the guest network.
Q: Who is responsible for my device? 
A: The user is responsible for his/her device. Bristol School District No. 1 assumes no responsibility for the loss of, theft of or damage done to any personal electronic device. Neither is the district responsible for any data loss, security compromise or other harm suffered by a guest user as a result of connecting to the district’s guest wireless network.
Q: What are my responsibilities?   
A: Guests will use the wireless network in a responsible and legal manner. Guests are subject to and agree to abide by all district, local, state, and federal rules and regulations concerning Internet use. Connecting to the district wireless network implies that the user agrees with all terms and conditions of use. Users are responsible for taking action to protect personal devices from intrusion and may not use any technologies to set up any other networks (adhoc or otherwise) or attempt to gain access to district resources. Personal devices and their use shall not impair the security of the district’s network, resources, or wireless access. 
Q: Should Bristol staff members access the guest network for school use? 
A: The guest network is for non-district devices. District devices are required to use the district network. 
Q: How do I physically connect to the BSD-GUEST network with my device? 
A: Most laptops, tablets or other personal devices will recognize a wireless connection if one is available. Search for BSD-GUEST. You may be prompted to agree to the terms. If you are not automatically prompted, connect to the guest network, open your browser and go to the school's homepage to be prompted to accept the terms. Users may receive additional prompts after a period of time has passed since their last successful connection.
Q: I still cannot connect. Who can help me? 
A: Bristol School District will not provide any technical support for the guest network. It is not the responsibility of Bristol School District staff to troubleshoot individual devices. Check your device's documentation. The guest network is a secondary network and does not take priority over the district network. 
Q: I have a message that I am connected to the Internet but I can’t access the Internet. What is going on? 
A: Check to see if you have another window open. Once connected to BSD-GUEST, open your browser and go to the school's homepage to be prompted to accept the terms.
Q: Access is not available. What is going on? 
A: Wireless access is not guaranteed to be available in all locations and/or at all times. The capacity for wireless traffic is limited and may vary.
Q: Will my use be monitored? 
A: Guest will will be monitored. There should be no expectation of privacy on the guest wireless network. Information from a Wi-Fi device to a physical access point is unprotected. There is no data encryption.
Q: Will my use be filtered? 
A: The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires all network access to be filtered, even if the device (laptop, tablet, phone, etc.) is not owned by the district. Filtering will not be modified for guests nor shall guests attempt to modify or bypass such filters. 
Q: Will I have access to printers? 
A: No physical printers are available for the guest network. At no time may guests relocated district printers or unplug district printers and plug them in directly to another device.
Q: I am aware of a violation of the agreement. What should I do? 
A: Any guests becoming aware of any violations of this agreement are to notify the Bristol School District No. 1 administrative office immediately.
Q: Will these guidelines be changed? 
A: We will continue to evaluate the district’s needs for the future and make changes based on the information we receive. Everyone’s patience is appreciated as we grow.