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Bristol School District No. 1 Technology Committee

The Technology Committee duties may include:
  1. reviewing the existing district information technology literacy plan to identify specific goals consistent with district goals and initiatives
  2. assist in gathering and sharing information concerning current skill levels and educational needs of teachers and students
  3. investigating and sharing new technologies, tools and strategies to advance 21st Century Skills in our students, teachers, and administrators
  4. acting as a resource for leadership in information technology literacy
  5. contributing to the future of information technology literacy, defining the vision of technology use, and contributing to the integration of technology at Bristol School

Information and Technology Vision Statement

Knowledge is power and information skills are a key to gaining that power. Life-long learners possess not only an inherent desire for knowledge but know how to employ information seeking strategies in educational and non-educational settings. Our district empowers staff and students to become life-long learners by providing them with the information seeking skills they need to reach their potential. When students can engage with information and technology resources regardless of time or location, they become increasingly responsible for their own education.
Information and Technology Mission Statement

The mission of Bristol’s Information Technology Literacy Plan is to integrate information technology literacy into the core  content areas to prepare students to become responsible, critical thinking, problem solvers and life-long learners able to meaningfully contribute to the changing global community.
The committee as a whole may share information and/or make recommendations to the administrative team, but it will not handle specific purchase requests or work requests from staff or the community.  All technology requests should follow the current guidelines in place for such matters.  
Members for the 2016-2017 school year
The Bristol School Technology Committee members will serve as a point of contact for information, be selected yearly and serve for one school calendar year.  The committee may include:
  • Bristol School District Administrator
  • Bristol School Principal
  • Bristol School Curriculum Director
  • Bristol School Technology Coordinator
  • Teacher Representatives
  • Community Member Representatives
 Current 2016-2017 Technology Committee Members:

Grade K

Erin Miner

Grade 1

Connie Olsen

Grade 2

Katie Eckhart

Grade 3

Wendy Pfeiffer

Grade 4

Maria Gillmore

Grade 6

Maranda Burks

Grade 7/8   

Rachel Ringsby

Library K-8

Lisa Weiner

Technology Coordinator

Lori Baird

Technology Aide

Nikki Maurer


Jeff Terry

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