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Badgerlink’s goal is to provide access to quality online information resources for Wisconsin residents in cooperation with the state's public, school, academic, and special libraries and Internet Service Providers. 

Kenosha Immunization Coalition 

This site provides information to the public and the medical community about vaccines, vaccination requirements, and much more! 

Cable in the Classroom

Media includes television, movies, computers, cell phones, billboards, newspapers, and magazines.  This site examines messages being sent and their impact on children and adults. 

Internet Safety 

i-SAFE is a non-profit Internet safety foundation, to bring Internet safety education and awareness to the youth of this country. 

Kid Source 

Kid Source is the brainchild of parents whose goal is to provide timely, helpful, and accurate resources to other parents.  The focus is primarily on health and education related issues.  


A team of professionals at the Girls and Boys Town National Resource and Training Center presents; specializing in training, consulting, and researching parenting practices that parents deal with the day-to-day care taking, guidance, and development  


The National PTA web site includes the following departments: Help Your Child Succeed; Parent Talk; Health & Safety; Drugs & Alcohol; Family Fun. 


The Wisconsin PTA is a strong, active association of almost 50,000 members that continually advocates for all children and youth in many areas, such as legislation/child advocacy; health and safety; education; cultural arts; substance abuse; special needs; and parenting. 


Looking for ways to get involved in your child's education; to stay informed?  The Bristol School PTA has created their own web site to help you out! 

Positive Parenting 

Positive Parenting is dedicated to providing resources and information to help make parenting more rewarding, effective and fun! 

Last Modified on July 21, 2016