Bristol School District #1

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Awesome Library 

Use the 26,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5 percent in education, to create a thorough and accurate report. 

CNN - News for Students 

This news site for students is updated daily. 

CyberSleuth for Kids 

This is an Internet directory designed for K-12 students. 


Google is a directory designed for the general public. 

Kenosha County 

This website has information on what is available within Kenosha County

Kenosha Library

Search the online Katalogue to find books at one of the many branches of Kenosha's Public Library System. 

Kenosha News 

An online resource for the Kenosha Newspaper. 

Kids Click 

Kids Click is a web search site created for kids by librarians. 


Hundreds of official kids sites in one place. 

Milwaukee Journal Online 

Read about what is making news in Wisconsin in this condensed version of the Milwaukee Journal. 

Salem Community Library 

Search the online Katalogue to find books at one of the many branches of Kenosha County's Community Libraries. 

Scholastic News 

This site is updated and includes a weekly news IQ test. 

State of Wisconsin 

The state of Wisconsins official website. 

Time For Kids 

Updated daily, also includes "Kid Scoops" and "Specials". 

Westosha Central High School 

The website for Westosha Central Highschool. 


A web search directory created for the general public. 

Last Modified on December 29, 2013