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Fall 2016-2017 Technology News
E-mail Issues-Do not open shared Google Docs (5/3/2017)
We have received a number of emails claiming to be shared documents via Google.  Emails may appear to be from an individual in your contacts. Please do not open the document; instead delete the email. This appears to be an issue that is impacting numerous school districts across Wisconsin. Thank you for your assistance.
Speak Up 2016 (11/16)
"Speak Up, an online research project facilitated by Project Tomorrow®, gives education stakeholders the opportunity to share their viewpoints about key educational issues, particularly concerning digital learning and the use of technology to support future ready schools." Take the survey. For more info, click here.
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Digital Learning Day is February 17, 2016 (01/2016)
An annual event in Wisconsin and nationwide, students and teachers alike will be sharing their projects, knowledge, and demonstrating skills preparing for Digital Learning Day 2016.  Ask your child's teacher what they have planned for this event or see what other Bristol classrooms are doing.
Surprise!: (12/2015)
Students in grades three and four got a real surprise when they returned from the holidays this year...more Chromebooks! Yes, that is right.  An additional classroom set of Chromebooks were rolled out in late December adding to the devices already in place for these grade levels and the teachers and students could not be more excited about this great news.  
Professional Development for Bristol Staff: (12/2015)
Our staff now has an additional resource for professional development, SimpleK12's Teacher Learning Community, an online global community dedicated to helping teachers succeed in their 21st century classrooms.  Training is available 24/7 and offers resources, lessons, online webinars, collaboration with other teachers around the world and more. We are very excited to add this to our growing list of resources for professional development.
Bristol Tech Blog: (12/2015)
The Bristol Tech Blog is now up and running. In the spirit of the holiday season, a daily "goodie" will be shared and may include a tip, website, or educational resource.  
Student Help and Support: (12/2015)
Students now have the opportunity to submit a Google tip for the Student Help and Support page. Guidelines and criteria are available on the "How to contribute" page located on the Students page. Participation is completely optional but this is a great way for students to (1) showcase their skills, (2) improve their technical writing, (3) contribute to the collaborative effort of all and (4) learn from each other's contribution.
Google Classroom:
More and more Bristol teachers at different grade levels are utilizing Google Classroom with their students.Teachers can create an assignment and distribute it to students electronically. Students in turn can complete the assignment online and turn it for immediate feedback and grading. Ask your child if they are using Google Classroom at school and have them take you on a tour.  

Fall 2015 Technology News

Google Apps for Education:

This is our second year utilizing Google Apps for Education in grades 3-8.  Our program has expanded to include grade 2 this year as well.  Your child’s classroom teacher can provide specific information about how GAFE is utilized in each grade.

A new feature this year will be a student Help and Support section, created in part by Bristol students.  I will be working with select students to develop and post online resources to assist students in their use of Google Apps for Education.

Student devices:

As a district, we are very fortunate to have many devices available to students.  Students in grades 6-8 continue to use laptops for daily work.  In addition to the 125 Chromebooks available last year to students in grades 3-5 and RtI, more Chromebooks were purchased this summer for grades 2-5 and RtI and both teachers and students alike are excited about the opportunities these devices provide for students to use the many online resources available for learning.

Funding Factory:

Funding Factory accepts toner and inkjet printer cartridges.  They no longer accept phones.  Be sure to check out the qualifying list of items at and help our school and the environment.

Substitute teacher Introduction:

If you are new to substitute teaching at Bristol School or are considering becoming a substitute teacher at Bristol School, there will be an optional orientation meeting on  Monday, November 16, 2015, from 9:00-11:00 a.m.  We will provide an overview of general school information and specific technology information such as how to log on to the network, access online resources, software available in the K-3, 4-5 and 6-8 lab and how to use the Promethean board.

We are in the process of developing a substitute teacher guide and would like to share that information with you and answer any questions you may have. 

~Ms. Baird, Information Technology Coordinator


Spring 2015 Technology News
Bristol will host another summer class for Bristol teachers on June 29-July 2, 2015.  As we move forward with Google Apps for Education, teachers will learn new skills and perfect existing skills.  Are you a teacher at another school?  Seats may be available but are limited.  Please email Lori Baird at for details and include GAFE class in the subject line. 
We are planning our July/August schedule and will offer several opportunities for Bristol parents.  Be sure to check back here for more information as the summer progresses.  
Are you interested in substitute teaching at Bristol Elementary School? Our technology department plans to offer basic training this summer in how to use our technology resources. Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.

Mid-Winter 2015 Technology News
Digital Learning Day is March 13, 2015.  More information is available here and on the Wisconsin's Digital Learning Day site. The DPI site also contains Tony Ever's Proclamation as well as a wealth of links to more activities and events.
Don’t forget that teachers are students too!  With all the new changes this year, your child’s teachers have been busy working on their skills as well.  In addition to the scheduled inservice days each year, teachers have been taking advantage of Google trainings offered each month before school, during school and after school.  Each month’s topics differ but in February, a group of teachers began creating forms specific to their grade level needs, attending Q&A sessions and this semester a few teachers are beginning to implement Google Classroom, a learning management system, which will allow them to keep classes organized and improve communication with students.
What have students been up to?  Seventh and eighth grade students are using the Student Help and Support web page, making suggestions for additional content, and finding resources to address those requests.  These links to documentation, help guides, and videos help students further develop their skills independently.  Chromebooks were implemented in grades three through five this fall and the feedback has been very positive.  Please speak with your child about how he/she is using them in class.  They have a lot of news to share.
Even though there is snow on the ground and the temperatures are struggling to rise above zero, plans for summer offerings are well under way.  Teachers will again have several opportunities to attend a number of trainings within the district as they continue to show what it means to be life-long learners.

Spring 2014 Technology News
Thank you to everyone who participated in the Speak Up Survey 2013 where parents, teachers, students and community members had an opportunity to share their thoughts about educational technology.  Your help is greatly appreciated gathering this information.

Digital Learning Day, scheduled for February 5, 2014, was celebrated by several of our classrooms.  Kindergarten classes went on a virtual field trip to the post office, students in Mrs. Birch's class began their creative work on Olympic athletes using Microsoft PowerPoint and the library students entered their results using the Promethean learning response system ActiVotes. 

Fall/Winter Technology News
Thank you to everyone who participated in the Speak Up Survey 2013 where parents, teachers, students and community members had an opportunity to share their thoughts about educational technology.  Local district results will be available in February to coincide with Digital Learning Day, scheduled for February 5, 2014. 

Computer Science Week was celebrated December 9-15, 2013.  President Obama told students "Don't Just Play on Your Phone, Program It."  Miss Kruchko, grade 5/6 science teacher, is working with students this quarter on a coding activity but even young students can learn the basics of coding so teachers at all grade levels received links and activity ideas for their students (Hour of Code,, Khan Academy, Codeacademy,, etc.) to celebrate the week.

The NWEA Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) will be administered to students in grades 2-8 from January 20-31.  "The NWEA Parent Toolkit was created as a resource and guide for parents. It includes Frequently Asked Questions, Tips for Parents, and a list of web sites for parents and kids."  (

Summer Technology News

The summer is always a very busy time of the year for the technology department and this year is no different!  New iPads are being configured for classroom use in grades 1-2, a laptop cart is being configured for grades 3-4, and the K-4 lab, 5-8 lab, and library lab are all being updated as well as the classroom computers.  New Promethean boards will be added to four locations and additional wireless access points will be added to the 5/6 and 7/8 wings as well as in other selected areas within the building. 

In June, teachers participated in a four-day training entitled "ActivInspire in the 21st Century Classrooms".  This course was designed to provideclassroom teachers with the strategies, skills, and training to successfully integrate the Promethean Board into the classroom.  Teachers used the ActivInspire software to create interactive lessons and activities to integrate into the existing curriculum units/lessons, and align the information with the NETS (NationalEducational Technology Standards) and the Wisconsin Academic / Core Standards. 

The class was well worth my time! The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful to all of us in the class. Making my own flipchart and being able to manipulate the ones that I find will facilitate my teaching in the upcoming year.  I am looking forward to the nextclass! 

~Shelli Kerkman, Grade 2

The Promethean class was informational and energizing. Even though I have had a board for several years, I walked away having learned more efficient ways of completing tasks and was introduced to new tools that I will be able to adapt to future lessons.  It was the perfect balance between demonstration, experimentation and implementation.  Presenting a final project to colleagues at the end of the class provided the perfect opportunity for reinforcing what was learned while simultaneously gathering other ideas for implementation.
~Lisa Weiner, Library Media Specialist

Building off the first class, a second more advanced class, Promethean ActivInspire: New Tools for the Classroomwill be offered August 5-6, 2013.  Registration forms should be turned into the main office or emailed to the technology coordinator.  A confirmation email will be sent.